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Your ankles bear all the weight of your body and show some serious flexibility when you need to jump up or change direction in a hurry. When your ankle hurts, let the experts at Kessler Lipman Orthopedics help heal your injury and get you back to your active life. Whether it’s a sprain or ruptured tendon, our doctors have the expertise to diagnose and treat ankle injuries with cutting-edge treatments, both surgical and non-surgical.

Ankle Conditions We Treat

Non-surgical Treatments

Surgical Treatments

If you have an ankle injury or pain, make an appointment with a skilled ankle doctor in Palm Beach or Broward County. Call Kessler Lipman Orthopedics at (954) 491-7758 in Fort Lauderdale and (561) 988-0442 in Boca Raton or use our online appointment request form any time.

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